To get a piece of lakefront property for that price within a couple of hours' drive of the city is very appealing when the cost of recreational property is soaring in other lake areas. Narrows West Inc. also offers financing options such as 25 per cent down and monthly payments split over three years to help make the dream of cottage ownership a reality for even more people.

Really nice resort property doesn't come up all the time and it's hard for younger families to build immediately. Narrows West Inc. makes it pretty easy for people to own their piece of paradise.

Lake Manitoba Narrows has long been known as an excellent fishing and hunting destination. But with the growing number of cottage properties in the area, Narrows West’s goal is to broaden the appeal.

Narrows West is now in the process of building a golf course at the centre of the resort area to appeal to vacationers and cottage owners alike. David Grant, a PGA golf course designer from Winnipeg, is designing the Northwind Narrows Golf and Country Club course. The golf course is expected to be open in 2012.

Narrows West is also looking at building another hotel at Lake Manitoba Narrows to attract even more people to the area and offer cottage residents more amenities. Number TEN Architectural group, which is the firm that designed the Winnipeg Humane Society's new building and CTV's downtown studios, is already working on designs for the new project.

The hotel will include a large water park and a spa to offer something for everyone. The combination of wilderness, golfing, fishing, boating, and entertainment will make Narrows West a definite conference, family, business, and couple’s premier destination.

Due to the strong demand, Narrows West has just launched another cottage project for lots in Manitoba,  in the area. Located just around the bend from the lodge and conference centre, Narrows West Ranch Estates is a new waterfront subdivision featuring 60 lots.

Even the cottage lots that are not right on the lake will have water access. Narrows West is building a canal system around the back lots, to ensure that people can still park their boats on their lot and then be able to boat to the marina or golf course directly from their cottage. Lot owners will be able to pull their boat up to almost every one of these lots.

Narrows West Developments 330 lot subdivision

Lakefront PREMIUM Lots
2011 Pricing:

  • Lake front PREMIUM
    (Sold Out)

Treed Back Lots 2011 Pricing:

  • Treed back lots
  • $42,900 each
  • Lots vary in size from ¾ acre to 1 ¼ acres
  • Beautiful treed lots opposite of the road that
    travels along the lake-front lots
  • Oak and birch covered.

Golf Course Lots (Lakeview) 2011 Pricing:

  • Premium Golf-course, Lake-view
    (Sold Out)

Golf Course Treed Back Lots 2011 Pricing:

  • Golf-course, treed back lots
  • $59,900 each
  • Lots vary in size from ¾ acre to 1 acre
  • These lots are on the fare ways of the golf course
  • These lots are covered with Oak and birch trees

Narrows West "Ranch Estates" 60 Lot Subdivision - NEW

Lakefront Premium 2011 Early Incentive Pricing:

  • $119,900 each
  • Lots vary in size from 2 acres to 5 acres

Canal Lots 2011 Early Incentive Pricing:

  • $74,900 each
  • Lots vary in size from 2 acres to 3 acres

All prices set to increase another 10% on December 1st, 2011

Building Restrictions

  • No Time restriction for building is imposed
  • One main dwelling can be erected per lot
  • 1200 sq. ft. minimum building size requirement (Ranch Estates)
  • Residential or Recreational/ Holiday use only
  • All buildings must be earth toned in color
  • Buildings must be at least 15 ft. from edge of property
  • Buildings must be at least 25 ft. from road allowance
  • Septic holding tanks only (no septic fields are permitted)
  • All buildings in the entire project must be new

* Required

About Us

Narrows West Lodge in north-central Manitoba is a perfect getaway for enjoying an ideal and wholesome family vacation. The lodge is situated along the picturesque Lake Manitoba, which finds a place among the world’s largest freshwater lakes.

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Manitoba shelters and nurtures more than 90 species of fishes, which makes it the province with the third most diverse fish population in Canada. Nature has endowed Manitoba with major lakes, rivers, watersheds and tributaries. It provides habitat for a diverse variety of freshwater fish.

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Lots for Sale

Narrows West Inc. is a family owned company which focuses entirely on the development of the Lake Manitoba Narrows area. This area is a part of Canada which has tremendous tourism and lifestyle potential. It has taken generations of effort to secure all of the land in the area that is most suited for recreational development.

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All of our beautiful guestrooms come equipped with mini fridges, microwaves, coffee makers, DVD players and satellite TV. The lodge and hotel rooms have access to wireless internet as well. Complimentary coffee is supplied in all guestrooms. There are 4 standard rooms and 2 suites with hot tubs. Depending on the room, they sleep 4 or 5 people.

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